Professional Training for Licensed Therapists

For over 30 years LifeStar has been a leader in treating compulsive sexual behaviors and betrayal trauma.

Utilizing a multi-phased approach that incorporates psycho-educational Workshops, Group Therapy, Individual Counseling, Marriage Counseling, and an extensive Workbook Curriculum we have a proven system that helps our clients live a fuller life.

Latest Training & CEUs:

Workbook Training with 6 CEUs

The Rhythm of Healing

Helping Clients Build Resilience During Stressful and Traumatic Times

Free for LifeStar Therapists

Timeline Exercise Training

Best Practices for this Core Exercise in Phase 2 for LifeStar Groups and Individuals

New Special Price! Only $49

2019 LifeStar Conference Bundle

6 Recorded Video Sessions with 12 CEUs Available

Existing LifeStar Therapists

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